You can introduce yourself, ask for an hour and talk about everyday activities. You can also ask for directions to places you want to visit. You communicate at a basic level, you understand simple information. You can order a taxi, paella or tapas in a restaurant.

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Once you know how to correctly express yourself in the future, present and past time, you are not afraid of starting a conversation, making new contacts and answering questions. You have mastered the past enough to tell you about your recent vacation and what happened to you yesterday - you also know what these two situations are grammatically different. You feel more and more confident with the articles. You can use comparisons. You understand most of the texts in the present and past tense.

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This is an important moment - you learn how to correctly use the connecting mode. It appears continuously in Spanish and is usually a challenge for people who do not speak Latin. The connecting mode will help you better understand Spanish culture and allow you to express personal feelings and opinions. It will also allow you to better master the conditional mode.

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There are almost no secrets for you in Spain, but after you stay in Spain, you know there are still little things to work on. Now is the time for the last cuts. We focus mainly on conversation, formal and technical vocabulary as well as on colloquial language. You can easily start a conversation with a stranger in the bar while waiting for the service. Dialethism’s and various accents are not afraid of you. We refresh the grammar and add new constructions so that we do not get out of practice. You can already play with language, it's almost your second nature.

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Congratulations. You probably already speak Spanish as well - or better - than many native Spaniards. But do not forget that learning never ends - there will always be a new vocabulary to master, grammatical structures to be remembered and new challenges to immerse yourself deeper into language and culture. You can easily speak Spanish at work and in your personal life, both in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries. It's time to go one step further.

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On the occasion of the 10th birthday of our school, we have prepared a special offer of courses for you. Our traditional intensive and semi-intensive Spanish courses at all levels...
We have prepared a special offer on the occasion of the 10th birthday of Academia Españoles, for those of you who don’t want to lose contact with Spanish during...
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From 10  years, both adults, teenagers and children at all levels of education have been studying at our school.

In the academy, we combine a professional approach to learning Spanish with love for Spanish culture. At Academia Españoles you can learn Spanish in small groups or individually. We also offer classes for companies tailored to their needs, both in terms of the curriculum, as well as place and time.