Group courses are a great option for all who want to systematically learn Spanish at an attractive price. Classes are held at our school Academia Españoles, in groups of 6 to 10 people. The number of classes per week and the number of hours depend on the type of course. Before the beginning of classes our methodologist verifies your level of language knowledge, thanks to which all people in the group are at the same level of advancement. During the classes, teacher adjusts the pace of classes to absorb material and motivates the group to work systematically. From first classes, students learn how to pronounce in Spanish. The range of vocabulary covering the most important areas of life is gradually broadened. In parallel with learning Spanish vocabulary, the teachers explain the rules of Spanish grammar.

All our teachers speak fluent English, and some also speak Polish. However, classes are run from the beginning in Spanish.

At Academia Españoles, you can study Spanish on a standard semester course, twice a week or once a week (4 hours per week). People who want to learn a language faster can take advantage of intensive courses (classes three times a week, 9 hours a week) or semi-intensive (classes twice a week, 6 hours a week). Full information on Spanish courses at Academia Españoles is available here (sub-site "course types and dates")

Group courses have many advantages:

  • Spanish language learning takes place in small groups, from 6 to 10 participants, at the same language level
  • effective learning is conducted at all levels of advancement
  • our qualified teachers - native speakers teach and help break down communication barriers
  • Academia Españoles provides students with diverse and interesting materials for learning Spanish

Our school also organizes meetings and conversations for course participants. Conversations in Spanish are a great opportunity to learn about new vocabulary in a pleasant atmosphere and gain confidence in speaking a foreign language.

In addition to group courses at Academia Españoles, you can also take part in individual classes at our school's headquarters or with students house. We organize individual and group classes for companies and institutions in the company's headquarters.