Individual courses are intended for people who prefer to learn individually with a teacher or need a special curriculum created for their needs.

If you prefer direct learning with a teacher, you need proper preparation for a trip or a new job, or you will need knowledge of a specialist language, the choice of an individual course will be the best.

If you have learned Spanish alone or you are not happy with the learning progress in another school, you feel the difference between fluency and the correctness of speech or you feel disproportions between passive and active language skills, our lector will help you level up language skills and fill gaps. If you have learned to speak in Spanish, for example abroad, but you need help in learning and understanding the rules of grammar, then individual classes will be the best.

Before beginning of classes, the teacher verifies the level of knowledge of the Spanish language and determines with the student the scope of learning adapted to his expectations.

By purchasing individual courses you can take advantage of attractive discounts, the more hours you buy, the lower the price will be.

We also offer special conditions for individual classes for two people.

For details of the current offer, please visit the secretariat of Academia Españoles.