CoursesWeek daysHoursLessonsPrice
SEMESTRAL COURSE 2 x per week until 16:30 mon/wed or tue/thu 56 2 x 2 lessons (90 minuts) 980 zl
SEMESTRAL COURSE 2 x per week after 16:30 mon/wed or tue/thu 56 2 x 2 lessons (90 minuts) 1120 zl
SEMESTRAL COURSE 1 x per week friday or saturday 52 1 x 4 lessons (180 minuts) 980 zl
INTENSIVE COURSE (monlthy) mon/tue/wed/thu 42 4 x 3 lessons 749 zl / 599 zl *
SEMI-INTENSIVE COURSE (2 months) mon/wed or tue/thu 42 2 x 3 lessons 749 zl / 649 zł *
"Chicos y Chicas"
mon/wed or tue/thu 56 2 x 2 lessons 1120 zl
CHILDREN’S COURSE "Niños" saturday 26 1 x 2 lessons 589 zl
MATURA EXAM PREPARATION COURSE mon/wed or tue/thu or friday 52 2 x 2 lessons or 1 x 4 lessons 1099 zl
DELE EXAM PREPARATION COURSE mon/wed or tue/thu 26 2 x 2 lessons 599 zl
LEVELING COURSE (September or March) mon/wed or tue/thu 14 2 x 2 lessons 249 zl
INDIVIDUAL LESSONS AT ACADEMIA ESPANOLES freely freely freely 85zl /60min;
800zl /package 10 hours
INDIVIDUAL LESSONS OUT OF ACADEMIA ESPANOLES freely freely freely 90zl /60min;
850zl /package 10 hours
CONVERSATIONS       bezpłatnie / for free

 The above price list is valid from January 1, 2018.
* Prices marked with an asterisk are promotional prices "Summer 2018" valid until the end of September 2018.

All prices quoted are net prices. Due to the current exemption of schools with VAT, the actual cost of education corresponds to the given price. A possible change in the regulations regarding the burden of language schools on VAT will mean the necessity to add VAT to the given price in the amount officially agreed.

Discounts :

Discount for regular students who continue their education at Academia.
Discount for university students to classes in the morning hours and on Saturdays.

There is a possibility of paying for the semester course in 2 installments. In the case of installments and discounts for students continuing education, please contact the Academia secretariat: tel. 22 121 94 38 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment rules:

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by card / cash at the office of the Academia

The seat reservation in a selected group follows the reservation fee or course fee! Payment for an intensive or semi-intensive summer course at a promotional price of PLN 599 and a compensatory course in September should be paid in full before the start of the course. When enrolling for semester courses in the autumn semester of 2018 a booking fee of PLN 350 must be paid by September 21, 2018. The remaining balance must be paid before the beginning of the course.

Academia bank account number:

14 1140 2004 0000 3902 7785 7916 (mBank SA)
SGR-Pro Sp. z o.o.  ul. Złota 61; 00-819 Warszawa

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