For 10 years, both adults, teenagers and children at all levels of education have been studying at our school. In the academy, we combine a professional approach to learning Spanish with love for Spanish culture. At Academia Españoles you can learn Spanish in small groups or individually. We also offer classes for companies tailored to their needs, both in terms of the curriculum, as well as place and time.

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We show our students that learning Spanish is not only about vocabulary and grammar rules. This language has its own soul, its charms and mysterious corners that can be fully discovered only through culture. We combine classes with elements of Spanish cultural heritage: music, literature, cinema, everyday customs, colloquial speech. We are distinguished by an individual approach to each student.

Our main goal is to focus on communication. During classes at every level, we always devote the most time to speaking. Of course, we also practice grammar, writing or reading texts, but the majority of classes are the practical use of the Spanish language. You can develop your speaking skills by participating in free conversations. Our Friday meetings "Spanish with a glass of wine" are a great opportunity to talk in Spanish, but also to learn about the interesting regions of Spain and its culture, as well as the cuisine.